“All or Nothing” Thinking

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
          - English proverb

Suddenly I love Calvin and Hobbes strips. There is something in this strips that can articulate around my mind about knowledge. By reading from wikipedia I discovered that the author of this strips really don’t stick much with the Ads agenda. Splendid!

Well, I can say that I do took noticed of this strips after I read “THiNK: Critical Thinking and Logic Skills For Everyday Life”. Such a good magazine book you know. At first I thought it was a magazine later I found it is not. Just another educational book to tell student that we need critical thinkers here.

Ah, well. I have borrowed it from the library anyway. So what ever happen at least I need to spend my limited time reading it. Apparently it is a kind of new series from McGraw-Hill called M series. Maybe the M stands for magazine. I don’t know, maybe.

There are a lot of up-to-date issues discusses in the book. One that really caught my attention is about Milgram experiment (1963) . Although the experiment received a lot of bad critics but it is a classic experiment studied about how people with higher education or knowledge didn’t use their head well.

He conducted a research about how people obey auhority orders although they know the instructions were cruel. They actually can use the excuses of doing it because the higher authority than them told so.

part 1. You can search the other part 2 and 3.

Hey! It were totally wrong! Why are you following wrong orders if you know it was wrong? The excuse was simple – He asked me to do it. I just followed it.

That is why we should you our head in doing about our action. I can simplified as using our critical thinking skills. Or do we know what is critical thinking actually is?

Critical thinkingA collection of skills we use every day that are necessary for our full intellectual and personal development. Simple meaning, it is part of our brain skills that makes our mind work to play Sudoku, crossword puzzles and the latest one Kankuro.

The book is really well organized about steps by steps how we can use our thinking. Hey they do put comic strips. The one I said previously. Funny, cunning yet interactive to make me think more than numbers in my head.

buku fikir kritikal untuk semuabuku teks berfikir kritikal
The outside looks of the book. Isn't it look precisely like a mag?

And yet I can’t imagine how one book can lead to another stories of life. I gain a lot of information just by reading this book. Awesome. Google do know how to make life interesting too. It is like you googling and find more and more information about the keyword you searched. It is like drinking a full water cup with rocks in it. Erk. I mean I killed 2 birds with one book. Erk… anyway I’m a pet lover.

Apparently I don’t have much time to elaborate what it is in the book. Well, I got stuffs to do. Washing, cleaning, cooking and all sort of things you can imagine for 22 years old student like me do in their life.

kepentingan berfikir kritikalthink magazine or text book
The contains not so like mag or book. I can called it magabook. Awesome!

One thing for sure is that this book is certainly putted in my ‘Wanted’ book list. I have dozen of list. Eventually I will buy them when I work and got like 10-20k salary a month. Oh books… Please wait a little longer. You all will be my child to care… But don’t get too nasty about delivering your speech at me. There are more kids I need to nurture you know.

Anyway, you guys should check it out in your nearby library. It might be there and you can borrow it if you find it is interesting to tease your old thinking skills to a new perspective. Widen it so it will not cranked by the small space you made yourself.
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